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  • Full payment for EDT Course or any other block discount offer must be received on or immediately after the initial first lesson.

  • A strict 48 hours-notice must be given to cancel a pre-booked lesson. Failure to give proper notice will result in forfeit of pre-paid lesson fee or lesson charged.

  • Please note that if an EDT lesson has been cancelled without minimum notice then that lesson must be paid for to ensure a total of 12 modules has been instructed and EDT logbook completed & stamped

  • Arena Driving School reserves the right to insist on advance payment of booked lessons.

  • Basic EDT modules may or may not be 12 in total depending on ability of pupil and availability of a suitable sponsor. Pupil must understand that EDT is not intended to make them ready for the RSA driving test and that further pre-test lessons will in all likelihood be required.

  • Car Hire - a minimum of 3-5 hours lessons is required (2 hours and then 1 hour preceding test) before school car is hired out for test. There will be no facility for school car hire if pupil is clearly not at test standard.

  • Due to operational reasons cheques will not be accepted.

  • All Block lesson bookings will expire after 12 months from date of initial purchase and gift vouchers will expire after 6 months from date of initial purchase.

  • Your instructor reserves the right to postpone a booked lesson due to weather, dangerous driving conditions etc.

  • The instructor cannot be held responsible for any costs incurred as a result of having to postpone lessons for any reason.

  • Please note fees are non-refundable and non-transferable in the event that you decide to cancel lessons/course once the booking fee has been accepted by your instructor or company official.

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